WWII Plane found by Boy with Metal Detector

WWII Plane found by 14-year-old Danish Boy with Metal Detector!

The BBC reports: Remains of a World War Two German Messerschmitt and it’s pilot were found by a 14-year-old Danish boy and his metal detector. Another reason for WWII Plane and Warbird lovers to consider taking up this hobby!

photo: REUTERS

A family farm in Birkelse, Denmark is where teenager Daniel Rom Kristiansen, and his father set out the search based on a family story of a warplane crashing in their field back in 1944.  After the metal detector did it’s job, the digging began. It wasn’t until 13 feet deep that they started pieces of a plane, then an engine and eventually bone fragments and even a wallet. The WWII plane was a German BF 109, the German pilot who went down with the plane is yet to be identified…  but what a find!

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